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Ingham Street, South Shields, NE33 2DQ
The Home of South Shields Freemasonry
How do I become a Freemason ?        Just ask!
If you would like to meet us and get to know more about us, we too would be delighted to meet you, to spend time with you and to answer your questions. But first, please read on.

For a Fraternity with a wonderful history that goes back many centuries, you might think it is difficult to become a Mason. Surprisingly, its not difficult at all; its very straightforward. First of all, Freemasonry does not accept anyone unless they come of their own free will and accord, having already obtained a favourable impression of our Fraternity.

But there are a few simple but very important requirements. You must:

Be a man, over the age of twenty-one.
Believe in a Supreme Being.
Live an ethical and moral life.
Have a strong interest in the Fraternity and desire to participate in its charities and its activities

We believe that men are first made Masons in their hearts. That is to say that in their everyday lives, they are already naturally inclined towards the kind and worthy values and principles by which Masons strive to live.

Finding that they have much in common, they then ask to join our Fraternity. Freemasonry will accept these men good men in their hearts and in communities and help them become better men. We recognise that every man brings something different into Freemasonry but each shares a common core of beliefs. Each believes that, in a small way, by their actions they might help to improve this world, their communities, and themselves.

If you are interested in receiving more information, or you would like to arrange to meet in person, please make an initial approach using the contact form