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Letchworths offer a selected range of Masonic regalia, books on freemasonry, esoterica and ritual, stationery, gifts, audiovisual and jewellery.

Belper Regalia are able to provide non standard sizes for various items of regalia and are only too pleased to provide details.

MasonicMEDIA provides a comprehensive music service for Freemasonry.

Masonic Regalia Store manufacture, supply and maintain an extensive range of Ceremonial Regalia and Insignia for the Masonic Fraternity. - Masonic regalia, gifts and furnishings.

Humberside Masonic Supplies - Specialising in Masonic regalia of the highest quality, Humberside Masonic Supplies offer regalia for all degrees of freemasonry including aprons, collars, badges and jewellery. We stock a wide variety of assorted Masonic gifts such as regalia cases, books, watches and cufflinks, and can provide furnishings to lodges at competitive prices.

Central Regalia Ltd - offer a wide range of services such as; hand embroidered banners, table and altar covers, alterations and engraving of various products.  In addition to this, our versatile workforce undertakes various contracted sewing assignments for many clients in a diverse range of activities.

Crest Regalia - Manufacturers and suppliers of superb Freemason's regalia and Masonic supplies: we provide Masonic aprons, collars, sashes, jewels and much more. Whether you're in Craft, Mark, Knights Templar, an Irish lodge, Order of the Secret Monitor or anything in between.

Regalia Store UK is a specialist manufacturer & supplier of finest quality British masonic regalia selling at highly reasonable prices across UK and worldwide.

The Freemason Collection has lots of masonic items and the most beautiful art reproductions of our Freemasonry: ancient aprons, paintings, artworks, rituals...